Quick To Forgive

I can't get angry at someone too quickly, and I also can't stay angry at anyone for too long, especially if that someone or something shows that they are improving their behavior with respect to what made me angry.

The Phillies have my respect for now. Hopefully for a long time but probably until the next series against the Marlins. They played the former National League Champions, and took two out of three games. They played the second best team in the American League this year and took 2 out of three. Through six games you see most of your team's pitchers, and with the way this management does lineups, you've seen about 6 out of an infinite list of permutations of lineups. The games they won weren't in the greatest fashion, or with the greatest pitching (arguably, perhaps, except for yesterday when Cory Lidle threw a 6 hit 2 run complete game with 99 pitches), or with the greatest fielding. But they did win. Bobby Abreu's hitting streak started over, however, David Bell is up to 9 me thinks.

For the meantime, the Phillies are off of my "DO NOT BET FOR" list, and even off of my "BET AGAINST" list. I don't see them making my "BET FOR" list until they start sweeping teams like the Marlins and the Braves. So you should not expect them to be etched onto that one. Maybe they'll surprise me.

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