Last Night's Phillies Game

I was at the game last night. It was a good time. Our department at work went. There were around 15 of us I think? I like gatherings like that at work. They make work more than work. Speaking of gatherings of employees, tonight I'm going to the Great American Pub in Conshohocken to visit with a bunch of people I used to work with. We'll be there from 9pm til it closes, meet me there!

Anyway, back to last night's Phillies game. It's fun to see all of the players, even though from where we were, you can't see where the pitches were landing. That's what I like to watch the most, the pitching. I like to see what pitchers do on certain counts, what batters do on certain counts, and of course I like to see home runs. Bobby Abreu had one. We couldn't see the right field wall that well so that's where he hit it obviously. He's had 5 games in a row now that he's homered. That's the story of the Phils, always one person does well, the others take turns being in a slump...

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