It's Happening

Read this... We'll all have electronic ID cards in May 2008. It's not cameras in our homes, so it's not that bad, but that's what the government wants to do, step up the invasion of privacy in increments so we can painlessly get to the point where we have cameras in our houses :P

Actually, I'm not an activist on this subject. I jest. So I will have to carry one more card with me, I have a wallet. If I have to renew it, if I can renew it when I have to renew my drivers' licence, then it's fine, it's one trip. Also, it shouldn't cost anything. Do we have to get it insured? :P It's 3 years away. Moral of the story is, this isn't that big a deal ... dot dot dot ... yet.

I was just reading the comments by some people on that article. They are interesting. Some are complete dillholes, but others make good points. What criminal do you know that will have an ID card that says their name on it? This leads to a point that says this is a method that will only be a hassle for us law abiding citizens, which is somewhat valid. It's an interesting argument.

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