This is One of the Best Posts

Have you ever noticed when reading reviews or generally opinions by other people, even when people talk, they always say something is "One of the Best" 'whatevers' out there. Why can't they just say "It's the best one ever." I'm guessing people don't want to be held responsible for saying that, for instance, a restaurant is "one of the most exciting new restaurants of the year" (from, they don't want people to come back and say "That restaurant sucked, that guy from is full of s@#%@". I see it a lot on game sites, like GameSpot. I'm almost positive it's used to protect their reputations as a reviewer. If they say "it's the best game" then someone who plays it and finds Game X better will not trust what that reviewer says anymore. However, I'm not in the business of keeping readers, so I'll be very extreme in my opinions. If I think something rules, you'll know it. If I think it's the best, I'll say it. The opposite is true. On that note, this post rules, but it's not my best.

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