Today, I log into my bank account to see if I have any money, and there's this charge on there that I didn't make. So I call my bank and they say contact the company on the statement, which turns out to be this internet payment services company. So I call them, not knowing what to expect, and I get this nice girl. We eventually figure out that it was in fact a fraudulent charge, and she cancels the order and says I'll be refunded, and I should just call the bank again and get a new number. So I do that. I call the bank again, tell them it was a fraudulent charge, they shut down the card and are shipping a new card to me this week. All that took less than 25 minutes, and I won't lose any money.

My problem is though, that now I'm all flustered, I didn't think that would happen to me, so I'm typing this all shaky and stuff. Also, what about the person who made the charge... they have records, an address, phone number, and everything. Will that person go to jail? How did they get it? This still sucks. But, I won't get any more charges on that card. I pretty much only order from places with a trustworthy name, encryption, and all the other good secure stuff. My card is completely shut down, I'm going to have to borrow money from someone to get me through the week until this card comes. Those A-HOLES. Plus, they have to be dumber than a box of nails. Like, with the internet, and online banking, anyone can find out anything that goes on with their account in about .00001 seconds. Sucker. Judging from the site, it's a software sales place. I'm sure the company will pursue the fraud because they now have software that they didn't pay for. $81 worth of it.

But, I have to thank the companies involved for being quick to act, being open on a Saturday, and getting things done. Hopefully those A-HOLES will get a job and pay their own money for stuff in the future. Alright, I'm not as shaky as I was when I started typing this. Just, be careful with how you use your credit card. There are cheap, desperate people out there. I like to call them criminals.

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