Goals for the Summer

Goals for the summer... I've written a few of these in my life, it'd be nice to not have to do them again.

#1 - Code generator that generates code generators.
#2 - ORM which, based on inputs, will map the appropriate choice of ORM to my current needs. An ORM Mapper.


More null than null

// no value which is more null than null in this case.

A comment in my code just now. I highly enjoy implying degrees of things which have no degrees. Binaries. It is now more perfect code with this comment in there.


Statistically Hilarious

"Trying to determine a good base average for what I spend every month. But every month is an outlier"

Statistically speaking, that joke is hilarious.


My nail maintenance by necessity

my nails would not be considered "long" by any stretch, but once they get to a certain point, like millimeters, i basically can't type anymore


Royal Family News

Is there a way to turn off Royal family news? I managed to go years without knowing anything and I'd like to keep it that way


Gulp Coffee

compiling coffee script with gulp

"i can just do gulp coffee it looks like.
which is what i do all day anyway."


Philadelphia Sports 2018

I just need the Flyers, Phillies, Villanova, and the Sixers to win Championships this year then I'll be satisfied.


Too bad the Flyers are out of it though.

Brain Bending Stuff

I work on some pretty brain bending stuff, but today I was amazed when I went downstairs and when I got down there I remembered what I went down for :)


Some Plays on Words and Phrases

Sometimes hilarious things pop in my head. Actually, I'd wager that sometimes that doesn't happen. Implying it happens most of the time. Here are some new ones (for me) for you potential comedy writers out there. I don't need any public credit :P  Maybe just a comment or email.

"Do I look like somebody who " ... You know this. "Do I look like someone who checks the toilet seat before they sit down?"  Or "Who cares what color their shirt is?"  etc. Here are a few fun ones I came up with.

"Do I look like somebody who looks like somebody?"   Yeah, pretty bad.

"Do I look like somebody who asks to be compared to anybody by their looks?"  A little better.

"Do I look like somebody who looks at things?"  Might be said by a blind person, so after my original inspiration for this, the ingenuity has been lost and it has been discounted back to lacklustre.

That's all I got though. Any more would be forcing it. You might argue the first 3 are as well ;)

Command Line Commie

Not sure if that's a phrase or not already in existence. But I will take full credit for it.

I'm a Command Line Commie. I prefer command line and GUI tools are a waste of my time. Tell that to me of an hour ago which just upgraded the editor on his website to CKEditor :)