Japanese Context

there's a trailer for final fantasy 7 remake
it starts off with a bunch of japanese characters, and names, for example, "Kitase". So you're in a Japanese context.

then at the end it says "REMAKE" and i was like, what the fuck word is that, trying to pronounce it like a japanese word



"With the man feels nerdier therefore more correct" :)

Which base?!

- "0" in binary?  or decimal?  or is that 0 in hex?

Work always provides opportunity for memorable conversations.

Because of this code -  

if( ImplementationID == "0" )
parameters[0] = BuildParameter("@ImplementationID", DbType.Int32, 4, 0, ParameterDirection.Input);
parameters[0] = BuildParameter("@ImplementationID", DbType.Int32, 4, Convert.ToInt32(ImplementationID), ParameterDirection.Input);

if implementationID == "0"  -> pass hard coded 0
else pass Convert.ToInt(implementationID)

"0" doesn't parse correctly

Waste of Ink

Reading through Buzzfeed... (not even going to link it)
yeah those articles are a waste of ink
and they don't even use ink


me -- shut up

bb -- did you just tell yourself to shut up?

me -- i was preemptively telling you to shut up about asking if i told myself to shut up

Work Frustrations and Booze

they have to enumerate changes that i have to make to the html
they can't just commit the whole thing, and be like, we updated html, please comply
because i don't know that i'll get everything
it's very manual, like that bar game where you compare dirty pictures to see what is the difference
and i am only good at that game after 4-6 beers
do they want me to drink?!
i can...