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For golf I use the Golf Pad GPS app, which is great and very useful. So naturally I left a review that captured my sentiments.  Right now the review is on the home page for that app!  w00t

Which base?!

- "0" in binary?  or decimal?  or is that 0 in hex?

Work always provides opportunity for memorable conversations.

Because of this code -  

if( ImplementationID == "0" )
parameters[0] = BuildParameter("@ImplementationID", DbType.Int32, 4, 0, ParameterDirection.Input);
parameters[0] = BuildParameter("@ImplementationID", DbType.Int32, 4, Convert.ToInt32(ImplementationID), ParameterDirection.Input);

if implementationID == "0"  -> pass hard coded 0
else pass Convert.ToInt(implementationID)

"0" doesn't parse correctly

Sneaked vs. Snuck

I googled it. As a non grammar nazi and semi spelling nazi, I adhere to the alternate and new "snuck".

Usage: If one were to sneak through the cracks, they "snuck through". Versus "sneaked through" which would be snobbish and self-righteous.

Actually I just wasn't sure. It appears both are "correct" if you're on the non-nazi side of the fence, however only "sneaked" is correct if you're a nazi.

So soak it up nazis.