This is ridiculous

A few days ago I ordered 4 pillows from When they shipped, I noticed right away that they shipped in 4 different packages. I immediately became suspicious, and couldn't wait to see what these things looked like. That's my Amazon Prime hard at work ($79 a year for free two day delivery on unlimited packages).

So, today they get here. Indeed, they're in 4 different packages. And they're HUGE boxes! I'm like "Holy s@#%, what did I get myself into?!?" I pictured getting rid of my bed and using just the pillows at this point; the boxes are literally that big. Hardly containing my cool, I tear into the first one. This is ridiculous. About a half a box of AIR WRAPPING and a normal sized pillow underneath. I was thrilled that my pillows didn't break during the shipping process, and I have and their air wrapping to thank for that.

I ordered four because originally I ordered three but could only get pillowcases in sets of two. They really f@#%@ed me over on that one. It's like hot dog buns and hot dogs. Twelve dogs and eight buns (or is it twelve buns and eight dogs???) Brutal. However, my original choice (guess) at pillows were backordered so I ordered a different brand, and this time four, because I wouldn't have the slightest clue what to do with an extra pillowcase. Maybe make a shirt out of it? I don't know. Probably give it to good will.

My brother gets home before me, so he checks the mail, and outside (we live in a trustworthy neighborhood) are these four gigantic boxes. He's like "What did this kid get this time?!?" So, he figures he better get them in. Assuming they'll be heavy, judging from the size, he gets ready for the strain. He bent over, grabbed a hold, and took one last breath before really putting all his might into lifting up these packages. I'm happy to report we didn't have to retrieve them from the roof today :)

Moral of the story: Packing guys really do care if your stuff gets to you in one piece.

Addicted to Crack

Not really but close. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has me hooked, it's a wonder two years haven't gone by already. I can write up a huge description of it, but just go visit my Google Pages page instead!! There, you will find nothing related to Oblivion. The end.

New Domain Name!!!

Check out this GEM!!! I can't believe out of the 7 billion people out there, I am the first (with $35 and Internet access, and English speaking, and an interest in "movements" and domain name registering) to think of it!

With a little Sub-domain action, it's a bazillion domain names in one!!

You get the picture. If not, visit that last one, it's for you.

St. Patty's Day / Birthday (aka Drinking Week) Wrap Up

Awesome week. On St. Patty's Day, went to Mara and Billy's apartment with a case of Harp beer (yummy, it was the first I've had of them), stayed there until around 7:30 waiting for Billy's sister with a bunch of people, pounding beers and joking around. Great times. Then went to see Blackthorn at the aforementioned Irish festival. There were a lot of Miller Lite kiosks set up... I mean, a lot. Like 30. In this huge clubhouse. We were already blitzed by the time we got there so the next 5-??? beers were just fuel on the fire. I felt great though. Irish music, lots of people there (I heard 1500 tickets were sold), a ride home, tons of beer, hardly any recollection. The things legendary nights are made of.

The next two days were allotted recovery days. I needed them too.

I had asked off Thursday and Friday, and being a contractor, I'm not given any vacation like regular employers are, but I can take days off and / or be sick, just like regular employees. Even take a 3 month vacation if I wanted to. I just don't get paid :p Mara calls me up on Thursday night after my parents had taken me out for dinner. She's like "Hey, I have a lot of left over beer, wanna come over and help me finish?" They had to work the next day too! We stayed up until 1am, drinking and playing @#%^hole, at which I am a master. I went from @#%^hole to president in one hand, after being @#%^hole the whole night. Then kept presidency for the last two hands, before we ran out of beer :-P I was like, "You guys are out of beer, I'm leaving ;-)"

Friday night was a great time too. My friend Anthony, who has a few years on me, was born 3/24, as opposed to the date of gods, 3/23. So close, Anthony... better luck next time. He had an e-vite going... meet down town, get wasted, watch NCAA basketball... lots of girls! I've not been known to pass up such invites... err, e-vites, rather. Good times had by all. It was a bit crowded until the Villanova / Boston College game ended in 'Nova's favor. In overtime. One of the bathrooms flooded, I asked the bouncer if we were gonna drown. Good times.

And the award goes to:

For most times kissed: Friday night... don't ask
For best/most vibe put out: Friday night. I just stood at the corner of the bar and put out the vibe (ala Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber), which was the reason for the first award :)
For most trashed I've ever been without actually blacking out and/or passing out: Definitely St. Patty's Day
For quietest night that was still a f@#%@#ing blast: My birthday at Mara and Billy's
For the best dance performance: St. Patty's Day, by a long shot. I don't remember much and there was Irish music there. I do remember one time this girl came up to me and told me to calm down!
For most embarassing moment: I'm never embarassed :) I'm sure I do things that would embarass my friends, though. They'll have to weigh in :-P
For best time: I don't know, different factors weigh in differently. I had different types of the best time each of the three nights. It ROCKED :-D

Lesson learned: Drinking should be done in moderation if you only want to get moderately hammered.

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Today I turn the ripe old age of three cubed.

Brief history of life since college:

Worked, partied, unemployed for a few months there, worked more, partied, made some trips to places like Cleveland and Delaware and Rochester, worked, had a few girlfriends in there, did some side work, wrote some software, learned some things, lived in a few places, worked at a few places, met a lot of people, made a few friends, then BAM I'm three cubed.

Although, I can only hope the rest of my life goes that slow. I know one day I'll wake up and be four cubed! So, today I ask, "Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm four cubed?" That's how John and Paul really wanted the lyrics to go.

This part of the year is always the worst, health-wise. Last week, St. Patrick's Day, then six days later, my birthday. I'll be in downtown Philly this Friday... 19th & Chestnut. Supposedly they're going to have $3 SoCo & Lime. Should be rediculous, but it will definitely make me feel like death for the rest of the weekend. It took me until Monday to recover from St. Patty's Day, I'm sure this will be three cubed times worse.

Round 2

Ahh, March Madness. I entered a tournament over at the local sports radio station (perhaps you've heard of it)... 1700+ people. It's round two. I'm in 16th place. Really it's like I'm in 4th, because of the grouping. (Drexel Hill Voodoo REPRESENT!!)

The rules are as follows: 1st round, 4 points each game. 2nd round, 2 points each. I think the rest are 2 except for the final game. That sucks too because that one team (The Minutemen) went 16/16! They'd be up there but, instead they're tied with me. First place gets $3000.

This bracket started Thursday at noon, you had to have your picks in by then or you weren't playing. I signed up for the site at 11:53 PM that day, then noticed a clock ticking down. It had 3 minutes left. It was the time you had to have half of your first round picks in! I panicked. But I got them in and went 25/32 in the first round. Fun stuff.

The Day of Recko... err... Drinking is Upon Us

St. Patty's Day Ahh, St. Patrick's Day. On a Friday. When does that ever happen?!?

I was going to bring in my flask filled with Irish Whiskey and go to town during work, but decided against it because I'd be going to the bathroom all day :-P Honestly, I don't have a flask or Irish Whiskey, so I fibbed. But you know what I mean.

We're having an Irish dress contest in work. I wore blue jeans and a blue shirt. I was going to get a green jeff cap and an orange beard (my beard grows in orange for some reason anyway...), but I ran out of time. It won't be the first time I don't win something :)

During St. Patty's Day, I'm always reminded of the time that I had the chance to spend a month in Ireland. For work no less. I ended up not going because they wanted to bring back the other guy who was already there. Scott, a good friend of mine... the bastard. So I didn't go.

I'm bringing my camera tonight. I want the world to see what the Irish beer garden is. Holy crap I can't wait! Plus, listening to Blackthorn is always the best. It's music that you can't help but just go crazy to. I remember the first time I saw them. I was like "Ummm... yeah." But the NEXT time... hoo boy. I've seen them a ton of times; twice sober. The one time they played at a big park near us, and the other time at the high school. I don't recommend seeing them sober.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Go Flyers!! This is gonna rock.

Computer Programs are stupid

I disabled the polls for now since apparently a computer program has been voting. And I've been getting random comments that are obviously attempts at spam, which might also be done with a computer program. Or it could be someone I know trying to fool me into thinking a computer program is doing it. If that's the case.. STOP!!

Not to mention spam mail. They found me. I had jumped ship on hotmail because I was getting loads of spam. Last night, I empty my gmail spam folder and go to bed. Around eight hours later, I check gmail... 31 new spam messages, all with the raunchiest, most disgusting titles. I'm going to put in a request to gmail to have an option to hide the fact that I have new spam mail. I don't need to know it's there.

Report to Gmail

I get tons of spam now for some reason. However, I can't avoid knowing about it. You know the old saying, Out of sight, out of mind. Gmail currently displays the amount of unread spam messages as bold text, along with the word "Spam". Is there a way I can not let Gmail let me know that I have Spam? An option to automatically mark it as "Read" or possibly not even have a spam folder, and just delete it, letting spammers know that their efforts are futile when sending to a Gmail account.

Thank you. I appreciate the excellent spam filter immensely. I would just rather not have to delete them every day and sometimes not even read the titles of these spam messages.

Another spam story! This one was by me. I was writing this program in work that would send an email from command line because apparently Microsoft doesn't have one built into their SMTP server... you have to have Exchange Server installed. But, it was to go along with "Performance Monitor" (perfmon.exe), as an action to take as part of an alert. Well, I tried to get it to work, and it just wasn't working. (My program was working, but it wasn't getting called by the performance monitor action... and NOTHING works when it's not running :p). I had it set up to email me and my coworker who works out of North Carolina, checking a system performance metric every 20 seconds. But, the metric was like "When CPU usage is over 2 percent", which is like all the time. So basically, if it had worked, we'd be getting emails every 20 seconds. But it DIDN'T work! So, I went home, blah blah blah, came in this morning, opened email, and found 4000 new emails!! Apparently the server restarted last night and that was what it needed to work. We were cracking up about it!

I'm going to this on Friday

This year, Blackthorn will host the biggest St. Patrick's Day celebration in the tri-state area. Authentic Irish beer, food, and plenty music and craic. The Springfield Country Club will be magically transformed into a bustling street festival in Ireland. Stroll around with friends, visit different pubs, equipped with your favorite Irish beers, pub-style tables and seating, Irish beer garden, Irish food, and to make sure you don't miss a thing, we'll have it all broadcast on Phantavision.


Easy to get to from anywhere! Only minutes from the Blue Route, I95, and Route 1 ! ! !

(I can't wait to find out what an "Irish beer garden" is... you know what I picture... something out of Willy Wonka)

Blackthorn is a local Irish band. You can read about them here. They used to have an Irish (from Ireland) lead singer but he quit. They're awesome though.

I recently chatted with Zatko about it... he didn't think I was Irish!

Mike: you're not irish
me: "Connell" isn't irish?
Mike: i thought it was dutch
me: I'm more German but I have an Irish name
me: It's like "O'Connell" without the "O"
Mike: i thought it was Von Connell
me: see, even people with the same name as me are obviously Irish
Mike: ha

God Bless Gentoo

I go to install (Commonly just referred to as "OOo"), and the install package for Linux is in RPM format, which is a RedHat invention, basically an installation package (usually you're just compiling source :p). I type in "which rpm" to see if I have rpm to install this thing. It says "No rpm in $path". "F@#%@#$#. I can't install OOo 2.0?!?!"

Ahh, but then I type in "emerge rpm". Gentoo has a software management tool called "Portage", and how you use it is to simply type in "emerge" followed by the software that you want. F@#*^ing A!! It takes a little while, since it checks for the dependencies, downloads all the source code, compiles it, and then cleans it. But, I'm talking 10 minutes ago I started this thing, and it's almost done. There were 2 dependencies to install before RPM. Take that Windows!!

Other times I've needed stuff on other Linux distributions, I'd have to search the web... pfff. That's like 2005 technology.

After 12 minutes, I try again...
which rpm

It's miraculous

Wow, on another topic... OOo 2.0 is pretty sweet. I was using 1.1 or something forever. It has definitely improved, interface-wise. And I saved my first "OpenDocument" file!! I just opened my "Attachments" document and saved that as an ".odt", or "OpenDocument Text". Free, awesome stuff kicks ass.