Merry Christmas etc

That's the new politically correct way to wish someone nothing but good times and good fortune during the time between Dec 24 to Jan 2. Copyright 2006 Jason Connell, of course.

I am off this week. And on Jan 2, I start a brand new job. I will probably be hanging out with Jim and Kate all week. It's gonna rock. I may need to eventually go out and get new clothes because this new job is one of those business casual places, and all I've been wearing to work for the past year or so is jeans with holes in them, T-shirts, sneakers, and the like. I like those places, but I know I'm going to like this new place also. Just like I loved working at Aramark even though I had to shave every day. That's the worst. Especially since I've devoted myself to making myself as low maintenance as possible lately.

For instance, I don't have to brush my hair anymore, since I've just about no hair. I've been looking at how one might never have to brush their teeth again, as well as shower. I'm sure it's possible through genetic manipulation, like how they make seedless watermelons. Of course, that won't benefit me :) There'd have to also be a supplement to help out those whose genetic code is already written... Stupid hard coded stuff... God should have made that configurable.

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